IDF-pizza for Hanukka 2018

Offer Soufganiot to as many Soldiers as you want

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By Anatoli GORSKI
19/11/2018 | 06:09
Happy Hanukkah Be safe and well Mazel Tov...
By Zehava SKLAR
19/11/2018 | 05:03
Thanks for protecting the land of Israel and all it’s citizens. May G-d protect all of you and kee...
By Lizette HAGEN
18/11/2018 | 11:09
Love you. ...

IDF-pizza for Hanukka 2018

Soufganiot for the Soldiers
Offer Soufganiot to as many Soldiers as you want:

- Hanukka mission 2018.

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Product Price Qty
1 pizza pie
Serves 4
18 US$
4 pizzas pies
Platoon of 16 soldiers
69 US$
12 pizzas pies
Compagny of 48 soldiers
199 US$
10 Sufganiyot
10 US$
50 Sufganiyot
45 US$
100 Sufganiyot
89 US$
Total price US$:

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